Digital Mixer Showers


Digital mixers take water from your hot & cold supplies and mix it together.  The digital technology ensures you get the exact temperature every time. Digital showers can work on high pressure or have an integral pump.  At Gill’s we recommend Aqualisa Digital ilux, HiQu, Rise, Quartz, Axis and Visage showers which have a range of options and intelligent features which are easy to operate.

How does it work?

Central to every Aqualisa Digital shower or bath fill is a sophisticated processor.  Unlike a conventional shower the processor can be situated up to 10mtrs away from the showering area.  A slim data cable then connects to the shower or bath control.

The unique configuration has many advantages – the digital control can be positioned wherever is convenient and because there is no need to conceal pipework or a valve, installation can be completed in as little as 2 hours, with minimal damage to decor, tiling and walls.  Hot and cold water flows into the processor and is mixed to the perfect temperature.  Every processor has a factory pre-set maximum temperature of 45 degrees – making it safe for everyone.  Once blended the water then leaves the processor and travels to the shower head or bath filler.  What could be simpler?


The Aqualisa Digital processor has a unique Eco mode designed to conserve water usage without compromising performance.  Simply, set the processor to “Eco-Mode” during installation and enjoy all the benefits that digital showering has to offer, whist doing your bit for the environment too.

HP/Combi Digital Processor

standard_processorThis compact digital processor is for use with a combination boiler or mains fed system (high pressure or unvented hot water system)

Gravity Pumped Digital Processor


This compact digital processor is for use with gravity fed water systems.  It integrates a pump to provide extra power.