Water Softeners

60% of UK households experience the damaging effects of hard water. It’s caused by naturally occurring lime scale which is collected by the water source as it filters through rocks in the earth. Everywhere that hard water is used will be affected, not only unsightly visible effects, but more damaging and potentially costly, hidden effects too. Government statistics show that scale builds at 1.5mm every year.

By the time this has built up to just 6mm of scale your fuel efficiency can be reduced by 40%. Eventually your plumbing and heating systems become so inefficient, they require replacement. Soft water will maintain your new heating system , bathroom and kitchen and keep it in pristine condition. Soft water will revitalise your hot water system by reversing the symptoms of hard water.

The main benefits of a water softener are:

  • Soft on your skim – protecting the natural oils in your skin, soft water prevents dryness and various skin conditions, making sure it stays silky smooth and soft.
  • Enjoy a luxurious bath – bubbles last longer in the bath, shampoo is more effective and soap products go much further.
  • Soft on your clothes – soft water uses 50% less detergent and leaves your clothes cleaner and brighter.
  • Less cleaning – kitchen and bathrooms are much easier to keep clean with soft water particularly glass shower screens.
  • Softer on your pocket – with a more efficient heating system, your house will be warmer, and your fuel bills lower. The difference soft water will make around the home with your time and money is significant and with all the benefits of luxurious soft water, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

We stock the Atlantis AT210 & the Atlantis ECO AT350 models for either hi-flow or standard systems, both of these water softeners use tablet salt. Other brands which are available to order include Monarch, Waterside & Harveys.


We have the largest stock holding in Welwyn Garden City of water softener salt, we stock Hydrosoft tablet/pellet salt, granular salt, Harvey’s block salt & rock salt. Available in either 25kg or 10kg bags.