Freestanding Sanitaryware

Freestanding sanitaryware is the traditional take on bathrooms the range includes semi and full pedestal basin options along with close coupled WC’s.

Close Coupled Pan

A close coupled pan has the cistern resting directly on top of the pan towards the rear.  Closed coupled toilets are traditionally the most popular WC in the UK, they are the most cost effective option however the downside is that pipework is not concealed. If you don’t want to see pipework have a look at back to wall pans in either modular or fitted furniture unit.

Full Pedestal Basin

A full pedestal supports the weight of the basin and goes down to the floor. It is ideal for concealing pipework and is the most popular pedestal used in our homes.  This is the easiest type of basin to install but if you need extra storage have a look at semi countertop basins in either modular or fitted furniture.

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