Shower Doors

There are many different options when considering shower doors like the height, width and depth of the room? Have you got room for an outward pivot door or if the room is small why not consider a bi-folding or sliding door? To give the illusion of space why not consider and offset quadrant shower rather than a rectangle or for the ultimate in showers our favourite is the minimalist walk-in with no doors or moving parts.

Pivot Door

The pivot door is the most popular type in the UK. A pivot door swings outwards from the frame. As the door opens into the room, be aware of the surrounding area which will need to be clear of obstructions.

Bifold Door

Offering the perfect solution when space is limited these doors cleverly open inwards creating more usable space outside the enclosure for the rest of your bathroom suite.

Sliding Door

A popular choice for large bathrooms with sizes typically starting from 1200mm wide, although smaller sizes are available. The two key advantages are the luxurious showering area combined with a space conscious sliding door that does not encroach on the surrounding area.


Providing plenty of showering area without being too imposing, the quadrant sits neatly in the corner of the room, with the option of sliding or pivot doors. The sliding door is the more popular option in areas where space is at a premium.


A walk-in shower is the ultimate in luxury showering, it’s minimal and stylish along with being practically maintenance free. A popular choice if you want to remove your bath completely this option will fit perfectly in place of the bath.