Reinforced Acrylic Baths

Here at Gill’s we recommend you upgrade from a standard acrylic bath to a reinforced Carronite bath. Carronite is an advanced reinforcement applied to Carron acrylic baths. A Carron bath reinforced with Carronite is capable of withstanding far greater stresses than a conventional acrylic bath.

After a bath has been reinforced with Carronite, it has a strength and rigidity normally associated with cast iron or heavy gauge steel bath, while enjoying all the benefits in finish, design and ease of care of modern acrylic baths.

How does Carronite work?

The demonstrable strength of a Carronite bath comes from a unique triple layer reinforcement system. This additional weight means that the bath needs to be fitted with a unique cradle system. The combination of the material itself and the cradle system ensure the rigidity and stability of the bath.

Why choose Carronite?

  • Amazing strength – The Carronite reinforcement can be applied to any Carron bath or panel making them stronger than any other conventional acrylic bath or panel available on the market.
  • Unique installation – Properly installed, a Carronite bath can last a lifetime.
  • Enhance Insulation – Due to the qualities of the Carronite material the water in the bath stays warmer for approximately 20mins longer than a normal acrylic bath.
  • Great designs – Every bath in our range is available in the Carronite specification providing customers with a wide range of designs to suit every bathroom.
  • Traditional craftsmanship – Carronite was developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms, a British company with 250 years of experience in the design and manufacturing or premium products.
  • Proven track record – Carronite has a proven track record in the luxury hotel business where design and durability are essential.
  • 30 year warranty – Every Carronite bath is backed by a 30 years manufacturer’s warranty, offering you valuable peace of mind.

Too show just how strong these baths are, the below images show that the baths can take the weight of a lorry.