Whirlpool Baths

We offer a range of affordable and luxurious systems to revive your energy and explore new ways to relax. For the ultimate bathing experience whirlpool and spa baths are the way to help you create that spa feeling – bath time will never be the same again.


whirpool_qualOur range of C-Lenda systems have been developed with the bather in mind, fittings are mounted flush creating a smooth continuous surface, designed to be visually pleasing and extremely comfortable, easy to clean, easily adjustable controls all combined with high performance and built to last.

Jet Power

At the touch of a button you can activate the soothing powers of a spa bath with our range of C-Lenda whirlpool systems. With our range of flush jets only protruding 1mm from the bath we can install up to 16 jets allowing for the ultimate in comfort. Our range of standard systems and the ability to special order systems allow for complete customization.


whirpool_lightFor thousands of years, light therapy has been used to induce states of peace and tranquility to enhance our spiritual well-being and energise our body and soul.  Experience the soothing power of chroma-therapy in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Health Benefits

The massaging effect of the jets reduce oedema (fluid swelling) around the joints. Also the pressure stimulates the receptors in the nerve endings and distracts the pain-carrying nerves from passing their pain-killing messages to the brain. Pain killing endorphins are released and the body responds with a sense on well being.

Research in the USA by the Arthritis Foundation and the Bristol Royal Infirmary in the UK reveals that the ancient art of hydrotherapy with the aid of jetted water has several medical benefits:

  • It dilates the arteries, increasing blood circulation without increasing heart rate and therefore lowering blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular changes relieve congestive heart failure, hypertension and stress.
  • Hemodilution dilutes the blood, reducing inflammation and swelling due to arthritic problems. It also relieves muscular aches & pains and increases the tissue repair system.
  • Increased diuresis (water and salt loss) helps gout, kidney disorders and cirrhosis.

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