Steel Baths

Steel baths are a great choice for baths particularly if you are replacing a cast iron bath as they offer all the benefits of cast iron at around half the weight. Here at Gill’s we recommend Kaldewei steel baths which are a fourth generation business founded in Germany in 1918.

Below a some of the advantages of steel enameled baths:

  • Scratch Proof Kaldewei baths cannot be scratched by any of the materials usually found or used in the bathroom.
  • Abrasion Proof – If metal rubs against enamel, the metal rubs off; the enamel remains unchanged.
  • Hygienic – Water simply runs off the smooth, glass hard surface of the enamel taking almost all the dirt and limescale particles with it.
  • Impact Resistant – Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5mm is much harder than acrylic.
  • Glass Like – Has the same properties as real glass, tiles and ceramic which means that all the materials in a bathroom can match.
  • Colourfast & Light Fast – Kaldewei steel baths is resistant to UV light and does not fade. By contrast, acrylic can change colour.
  • Acid & Chemical Resistant – Steel enamel is resistant to all cosmetic and medicinal bathing additives and perfumes.
  • Heat Resistant – Burning or glowing objects such as candles will not leave burns or smolder marks.
  • Minimal Material Expansion – Steel baths hardly expand at all in temperature fluctuations which is why joints never tear or crack.
  • 30 Year Guarantee – Kaldewei offer all its baths and shower trays with a 30 year guarantee.

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