When choosing a bath you need to consider several things including different sizes, shapes, depths, space saving and the material the bath is made from. Baths can be made from various materials including acrylic, re-inforced acrylic, pressed steel and cast iron.

Think about how and who is using your bath? Do you like to have a long soak at the end of a busy day to unwind? Have you got a busy family bathroom with small children?Need the best of both worlds with a bath that gives you a bathing area and a shower area?

It’s also important to consider where you would like to position you taps, would you like your taps mounted on the deck of the bath? At the end or down the side? Did you know you can also mount your taps on the wall or fit a digital bath filler which fills the bath up from the overflow?

Which material of bath do you prefer? The two main materials that baths are manufactured from are acrylic plastic and pressed steel.  Depending on your circumstances and your preference they both offer large ranges of sizes and options.

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